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Fiammetta Cosci

is Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology at the University of  Florence.


She carries out research activities on withdrawal from reduction or discontinuation of antidepressants.


She created the Diagnostic Clinical Interview for Drug Withdrawal 1 SSRI and SNRI, a tool which allows to formulate the diagnosis of withdrawal syndromes from reduction or discontinuation of antidepressants.


She is Associate Editor of the Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics scientific journal.





Andrea Svicher

Degree in Psychology. He is a PhD student in Clinical Science at the University of Florence.

He is conducting his research under the supervision of Professor Cosci.


 Magda Boi

She graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Literature, curriculum Linguistics and Glottodidactics, and works as a freelance translator in the medical and psychological field, with particular reference to the translation of diagnostic and clinical assessment tools. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychological Sciences and Techniques, curriculum Clinical and Health Psychology. Majoring in Psychology, curriculum Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology, under the supervision of Professor Fiammetta Cosci.



last update: 26-Jan-2018
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